Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

Alois Trancy (voiced in Japanese by Nana Mizuki and in English by Luci Christian) is the partial main character of the second season of the anime Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler).

The second season of the anime switches around between Ciel and Alois being the primary main character, with them bouncing off each other in explosive ways. Alois also has a demon butler (Claude), but he also has an additional hand over Ciel with the entire rest of his staff also being demons.

While outwardly putting out a bratty and stubborn persona, Alois is, like Ciel, highly traumatized by the events of his past, and uses his bad behavior as a defense mechanism to protect himself.

Alois has light blonde hair about the same length as Ciel's, light blue eyes, and one main outfit that he's seen in throughout the series. He does have a few other costume outfits and situational ones, but this one is the one we mainly see.
He has a white button up with loose sleeves, a large decorative bow at the front, a long purple coat with a standup collar, a green vest with black detailing, a pair of black short shorts, thigh high stockings, and tall brown heeled boots with purple lacing topped with a large purple bow. Like Ciel, he also has a ring he wears, a gold one that looks like an eye, with an inset ruby.

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