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Ochaco Uraraka from My Hero Academia (School Uniform)

Ochaco (voiced in Japanese by Ayane Sakura and in English by Luci Christian) is one of the main characters in the anime/manga series, My Hero Academia.

She is a student in the 1-A class at U.A High School, and is training to be a Pro-Hero under the title ‘Uravity’, with a specialty in martial arts. Her Quirk, Zero Gravity, enables her to float both herself and other people/items around her, aiding in rescue efforts when necessary. She is empathetic towards villains, and tries her best to reach out to Toga, offering herself up as someone to really listen to her.

There was a prior article done on her Uravity hero outfit, so if you are interested in that one as well, here’s where you can find the information on it! For her school uniform, her eyes and hair are unchanged (though she is sometimes seen with a ponytail in official artworks), and she wears the standard grey UA jacket, over a white button up shirt, and red tie, with the very dark tealy-green pleated skirt. The look is finished off with opaque black tights, and brown standard-looking loafers.

Medusa Gorgon from Soul Eater

Medusa (voiced in Japanese by Hōko Kuwashima and in English by Luci Christian) is one of the main antagonists in the anime/manga Soul Eater.

She is Crona’s estranged mother, and is a very uncaring and manipulative person. Medusa is a witch, and specializes in snake-based magic. For a short while, she posed as the DWMA’s school doctor in order to gather information about reviving the Kishin.

Medusa has golden, snake-like eyes, and blonde hair in a similar cut to Crona’s, though hers is worn much lower on the side pieces, which follow down into a braid worn over her chest. Her non-disguise outfit is a black one piece jumpsuit, with no sleeves, and short pants, and a hoodie with snake motifs on it. She also has snake ‘tattoos’ on her arms, which can be used in her magic, while fighting. Over the snakes, she wears a silver bangle bracelet, and her nails are done in a black and yellow arrow pattern.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka (Honey) from Ouran High School Host Club

Honey (voiced in Japanese by Ayaka Saitou and in English by Luci Christian) is one of the secondary main characters in the anime/manga Ouran High School Host Club.

He is one of the members of the school’s Host Club that he runs with his friends, playing up the cute childlike aspect of his appearance, despite being the oldest one of the group. He is usually seen being carried around by his cousin, Mori.

Honey has fluffy blonde, slightly side spiked hair, and golden brown eyes. He wears a white button up shirt, a black tie with thin purple detailing on it, the periwinkle school jacket, a pair of black slacks, and black formal shoes. He is often seen carrying around his plush bunny, Usa-chan.

Hiro Sohma from Fruits Basket

Hiro (voiced in Japanese by Yō Taichi and in English by Luci Christian) is one of the members of the Sohma family in the anime/manga Fruits Basket).

He is the youngest out of the zodiac members, though he tries to act tougher and older than he is. He’s very protective of Kisa and loves her dearly, wanting to become stronger so that he can always keep her safe. Hiro is the Sheep of the zodiacs.

Hiro has messy spiked light brown hair and similarly colored eyes. Like Kisa, we often see him in his school uniform, which consists of a white collared t-shirt with a black ribbon around the collar, black shorts, grey crew socks, and brown boots.

Wrath from Fullmetal Alchemist

Wrath (voiced in Japanese by Nana Mizuki and in English by Luci Christian) is a variation of the character that is exclusive to the 2003 adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist, and is not found in the manga or in Brotherhood.

He is a being that came to be after Izumi Curtis tried to use alchemy to revive her baby, much in the same way the Elric brothers did, and it went just about as well. As a part of the group of Homunculi, he’s well suited to his name, becoming more and more like the title after consuming the stones.

Wrath has long, shaggy, blackish-brown hair and slitted violet eyes. He wears a similar outfit to Envy’s in style, once fully becoming a homunculus. It’s formed of a black crop turtleneck with a short, partial sleeve crop top over it, small matching shorts, and one foot cover/wrist cover respectively. There are red circular markings that start at mid-thigh and continue up past the bottom of the shirt, much like the ones the others have.

Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

Alois Trancy (voiced in Japanese by Nana Mizuki and in English by Luci Christian) is the partial main character of the second season of the anime Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler).

The second season of the anime switches around between Ciel and Alois being the primary main character, with them bouncing off each other in explosive ways. Alois also has a demon butler (Claude), but he also has an additional hand over Ciel with the entire rest of his staff also being demons.

While outwardly putting out a bratty and stubborn persona, Alois is, like Ciel, highly traumatized by the events of his past, and uses his bad behavior as a defense mechanism to protect himself.

Alois has light blonde hair about the same length as Ciel’s, light blue eyes, and one main outfit that he’s seen in throughout the series. He does have a few other costume outfits and situational ones, but this one is the one we mainly see.
He has a white button up with loose sleeves, a large decorative bow at the front, a long purple coat with a standup collar, a green vest with black detailing, a pair of black short shorts, thigh high stockings, and tall brown heeled boots with purple lacing topped with a large purple bow. Like Ciel, he also has a ring he wears, a gold one that looks like an eye, with an inset ruby.

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