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Smoky Quartz

In Steven Universe, Smoky Quartz is the fusion of Steven and Amethyst. They formed for the very first time in their debut episode, “Earthlings”. Smoky wears two crop-top shirts, one similar to Amethyst’s, and one that resembles Steven’s. Steven’s shirt is noticeably stretched due to Smoky Quartz’s size.


In Overwatch, D.Va (real name Hana Song) is a former professional gamer from South Korea. After the Omnic crisis, she was drafted into the military, to pilot MEKA mech suits in defense of her nation. She takes this on with a fearless and upbeat attitude and like most gamers, indulges in junk food in her downtime. Complete the full look with this D.Va makeup guide.


In Steven Universe, Peridot is an antagonist until she reaches a truce with the Crystal Gems. She lives at the barn with Lapis Lazuli. She wears various shades of green to match her lime-green skin and yellow-green hair.

Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe

In Steven Universe, Lapis Lazuli is a former Homeworld Gem that made her debut in “Mirror Gem”. She has a blue lapis lazuli gemstone embedded in her back, in the form of a water droplet, from which she is able to summon and remove wings created out of water at will.

Sapphire from Steven Universe

In Steven Universe, Sapphire is a member of the Crystal Gems with blue skin and pale blue, wavy hair with bangs. Sapphire wears a floor-length gown with white, rounded, puffy sleeves, a navy top, and a blue skirt. Her dress has a blue pinafore over the top.

Young Vidalia from Steven Universe

In Steven Universe, Vidalia is a minor character who made her debut in “Story for Steven” in a flashback, and reappeared in the episode “Onion Friend” in person. Vidalia had knee-length, light-blonde hair that seemed to spike around her face and at the top of her head. She wore light magenta/pale pink eyeshadow, white boots, and high-waisted blue-gray jeans that were torn on the knees. Vidalia also wore a dark leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders, which appeared to have a belt hanging off of it. Her shirt was pale blue.

Young Pearl from Steven Universe

In Steven Universe, Pearl is a member of the Crystal Gems. One of Rose Quartz’s closest followers and her sole confidant, Pearl is one of the last surviving Gems on Earth who joined the Crystal Gems in their rebellion against the Gem Homeworld. Pearl would afterwards protect the Earth over the next several millennia alongside her friends, while later teaching Rose’s son, Steven, the ways of Gems.

Yellow Pearl

In Steven Universe, Yellow Pearl is a Gem who works as Yellow Diamond’s receptionist. In the style of her owner, she has a pointy yellow pixie haircut and pale yellow skin. Her gemstone, a yellow pearl, is on her chest and is a round polished cabochon, similar to Blue Diamond’s Pearl.

Blue Pearl

In Steven Universe, Blue Diamond’s Pearl is a Gem who appears in “The Answer”. Physically, she appears almost identical to the Crystal Gem Pearl and Yellow Diamond’s Pearl, as she also possesses a thin, tall build and a pointed nose and pixie hair-cut. In the fashion of her owner, Blue Diamond, her eyes are covered by her bangs while her gem, a powder-blue pearl, is on her chest.

Blue Diamond

In Steven Universe, Blue Diamond was once the supervisor of the colonization of Earth before abandoning it after the Crystal Gems’ rebellion. In her debut, she had displayed a great intolerance towards insubordination as she intended to break Ruby’s gem, despite the latter fulfilling her duties and protecting Sapphire.

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