Miss America (America Chavez)

Miss America (America Chavez)

Miss America, or America Chavez, is a superhero in the Marvel comics. Raised by her parents in the Utopian Parallel, she absorbed her powers from Demiurge's magic. Her abilities include super strength, super speed, and flight. Another one of her abilities, star blast, projects a star with an incredible energy blast that was capable of wounding Captain Marvel! Miss America is on the current roster of the Young Avengers. Additionally, she makes history as the first Latina LGBTQ character to star in an ongoing series.

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  1. It’s kinda problematic to have the whole dark hair curly wig there when wigs aren’t there for other characters w lin straight hair. It kinda encourages whitewashing which is what a lot of us poc have to go through already. You can still be America Chavez without performing a trait you don’t have. It’s giving brownface energy to me :/

    • Author

      Certainly we do not endorse brownfacing for cosplay or at all for that matter. Hence why there is no makeup in this guide to darken skin, because that is insensitive and wrong. However, curly hair is not specific to Latina characters — such as Merida from Brave or Mother Gothel from Tangled. You are right, you can be America Chavez without the wig, but I personally include wigs in the majority of the guides I write as an option. The link has been replaced to a more general curly cosplay wig. Thank you for your concern.

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