In Trailer Park Boys, Ricky (Robb Wells) is the lowlife of the bunch, who loves nothing more than cigarettes, marijuana, and chicken fingers. His superpower is the ability to confuse cops who catch him in the act of committing a crime.

Ricky Costume 12345

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  1. The Ricky costume needs his classic facial hair

  2. And that rockin Pompadour for us poor bald bastards.

  3. It needs a little broken car for Ricky

  4. The track pants need to have snaps on the sides. A “Ricky” hair style wig and mutton chops would also add more originality. He didn’t wear Adidas, he wore an off brand.
    The shirt is AWESOME though

    • Author

      Good call with snaps on the warm-up pants. It’s not often a costume is too name-brand for the character!

  5. Thank you Tom. I meant no disrespect. However the track pants are very important because he’s had those since grade 7.

  6. When I said “Off brand” I was referring to the shoes. I feel including “Adidas” is increasing the costume price. Again, NO disrespect, ONLY feed back. Maybe having Duck Tape around one of the legs would hit it. :)
    I am interested in attaining a costume as such. Most would assume i’d wear something more towards my “looks”. I’m more original then that.

    Tom, Could you supply the Classic Shirt and I will attain the rest????

    • Author

      For sure, we’re always striving for accuracy when we make our picks. So thanks for pointing out that Ricky wears off brand which is true to his character.

      Once we find a good match, we’ll update the links. If you find a better match for the pants or sneakers, please share in comments!

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