Ryu is notably one of Street Fighters most popular characters. Premiering in the very first Street Fighter in 1987, he's been hadoken-ing his way through a series of sequels, crossovers, and even mangas to date. He is arguably one of the most prominent icons in video game history. Just Google 'Ryu'. Do it. You won't.

Ryu Costume 12345

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  1. I think this would be basic but could work, it is missing important details to a good costume. You have to get a custom embroidered black belt with wind (風), woods (林), fire (火) and mountain (山) in gold vertical writing (doesn’t have to cost loads) probably 280 or 250cm lenght, cut the sleeves off the GI in a worn cartoony fashion. You’d also want a long red type of headband. Search against martial art suppliers

    Scott S

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