Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell Conviction

Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell Conviction

Sam Fisher (voiced by Michael Ironside) is the protagonist of the Splinter Cell video game series based on the writings of Tom Clancy.  During the events of Conviction, the second installment in the series, Fisher has quit from the Third Echelon and begins his portion of the game on a search for his recently deceased daughter. Adventure and intrigue ensue.

At special request from our readers, we've sourced a very similar "commando style" pullover sweater to what Sam Fisher wears in Conviction.

Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell Conviction Costume 12345

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  1. That sweater, if Amazon reviews are something to go off of, has issues with the pads falling apart easily. I can’t find an alternative though. :/

  2. Anthony Perzanowski May 19, 2021 Reply

    What about that dope watch

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