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Ben Tennyson from Ben 10

Ben Tennyson (voiced by Tara Strong in the original series) is the protagonist of the animated TV show Ben 10 and its spin-offs.  After he discovers the Omnitrix, Ben is able to transform into different aliens.  Originally a bit selfish and immature when he first discovers the Omnitrix, Ben develops good leadership skills over the years and becomes a true hero.  In the original series, Ben wears green cargo pants, a black and whtie t-shirt, and black and white shoes.  In Ben 10: Alien Force, and older Ben wears blue jeans, a black t-shirt, a green jacket, and black and white canvas shoes.  If you are worried about a toy Omnitrix fitting your wrist, a black and green watch is a good option.

Kevin Levin from Ben 10

Kevin Levin (voiced by Charlie Schlatter) is a character in the Cartoon Network series Ben 10.  He is an Osmosian who is at first an enemy of Ben Tennyson, though the two eventually become allies. Kevin has several different looks throughout the series.  His Omniverse appearance is a little grungier and more tattered than others.  To make your costume, you’ll need to be willing to distress a black t-shirt and a green striped long-sleeved shirt to wear beneath it.  Use a brown eyeliner pencil to recreate the scar on Kevin’s chin and a black one to smudge around your eyes.  Finish the look with a black wig, distressed jeans, black and white shoes, a blue shoulder harness, and a padlock necklace.

albedo from ben 10

Albedo from Ben 10

Albedo (voiced primarily by Yuri Lowenthal) is a recurring villain from the Ben 10 franchise.  Albedo is a Galvan alien, but appears human in form.  This transformation was the result of a failed bid to turn himself into a clone of Ben Tennyson.  Albedo’s look is very similar to Ben, but with inverted colors.  As such, he wears a black t-shirt and grey jeans with a red and black jacket.  To easily recreate the circular patch on his jacket, you can use a white circle-shaped sticker and simply draw the number with a Sharpie marker.

Ben 10000

Ben 10,000, or Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, is character in the animated series, Ben 10. He is an adult a version of Ben from an alternate future. In this timeline, Ben is a full time superhero. The nickname comes from being able to access 10,000 alien forms with his upgraded Omnitrix.

professor paradox from ben 10

Professor Paradox from Ben 10

Professor Paradox (voiced by David McCallum) is a time travelling professor on the Cartoon Network show Ben 10.  Professor Paradox forgot his true name long ago and adopted his current moniker after escaping from an alternate reality.  Professor Paradox has two main costumes; a simple modern design with a lab coat, green goggles, brown vest, black tie and slacks, and then a more elaborate look that includes a metal gauntlet, riding boots, and walking stick.  Both designs use the black pants and vest, and you can add accessories to these pieces in order to emulate the version you are interested in replicating.

Dr. Amino frm Ben 10

Dr. Animo from Ben 10

Dr. Animo is a mad scientist. And you can take that just about any way you want. He’s angry. He’s reckless with his science. And, well, his conversations with his stuffed mutant toys are a little involved. Voice by Dwight Schultz, Dr. Animo is no fan of Ben or his family. And he will stop at nothing to mutate the whole world until it fits his vision!

Dr. Animo has several different costumes but they all share a similar base. A dark grey tank top and brown pants that tuck into tall black boots. Two boot options are listed above, one that is more of a riding boot and the other is a pair of rain boots. Each has its uses depending on where you’re going to wear the costume and which works better for your needs.

In addition to that base you’ll need tall black gloves that you remove the fingertips from and either a silver circlet for your head or a colander that you can make antennae for using tin foil. The foil won’t create an exact match but it’ll get you close without needing a welder! He has other gear including a headset and a chest harness that you can get close to using the items listed above.

Other versions of Dr. Animo wear a long green cape over a bare chest instead of the tank top and chest harness. You’ll have to tatter the edges of the cape by hand, however.

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