Leonard Bernstein from Maestro

Maestro is a film directed by Bradley Cooper who also stars as the protagonist, Leonard Bernstein. The film is a biopic of Leonard Bernstein’s life and rise to fame as a successful conductor. The film follows Bernstein’s life as he grows old with his wife Felicia and how they face different struggles together.

To dress like Bernstein as he appears conducting an orchestra, wear a black tailcoat, white vest, white shirt, white bow tie, black pants, and carry a conductors baton. For the look with Felicia in his older years, wear a khaki suit, pink shirt, and red patterned tie.

Dr. Wright

Dr. Wright made his first appearance in the SNES version of SimCity, guiding new players through a tutorial and giving advice. His design is based on SimCity creator Will Wright, and subsequently makes appearances in Super Smash Bros as a trophy that makes building towers grow from below.

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