cookie run

Butter Pretzel Cookie from Cookie Run

Butter Pretzel Cookie is a playable character in the mobile game series Cookie Run.  Butter Pretzel Cookie collects paints and creates a masterpiece in order to earn points.  She wears a brown smock and a pretzel-shaped cap as part of her costume, and has long blonde hair.  To recreate the appearance of Butter Pretzel Cookie, you’ll want to let your creative side out.  It’s almost impossible to find a pretzel-shaped hat like hers, but a brown newsboy cap can evoke a similar feel.

Moonlight Cookie from Cookie Run

Moonlight Cookie is a character in the mobile game series Cookie Run.  Though playable in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, she only makes appearances in Cookie Run: Kingdom where she is an unreleased cookie.  Moonlight Cookie has a deep blue appearance.  From her hair to her dress and hat, shades of midnight blue and sparkles play a large role in her appearance.  You can achieve a similar look with a long blue wig and some glitter hairspray.  Similarly, you can layer a glitter tulle skirt over a satin ballgown to emulate her evening-inspired appearance.

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