Don Cheadle

Murray from White Noise

Murray is a character from the film White Noise by Noah Baumbach, and is played by Don Cheadle. The film is based on the original 1985 novel by Don DeLillo. This story follows college professor Jack Gladney and his family as they’re faced with “The Airborne Toxic Event.” They’re forced to evacuate their home and ultimately face their fear of death throughout the film and we see how each of them cope with this in their own ways. Murray is professor at the same college that Jack works at. He is very passionate about his studies and enjoys discussing them with Jack. He seems to be very clear-headed in times of trouble and stands strong in what he believes in, and offers advice and new perspectives to Jack because of this.

Murray’s costumes consist of plenty of tweed pieces like blazers, vests, and dress pants. He wears this when working at the college and mixes colors and prints when it comes to shirts and ties for pops of color. When we see him in the grocery store outside of work, he has a very fun costume moment where he wears a loud, colorful 80s teal and blue windbreaker over his work clothes.

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