Hikaru Midorikawa

Garou from One-Punch Man

Garou (voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa and Greg Chun) is a martial arts prodigy who dubs himself the “Hero Hunter” in the manga and anime series One-Punch Man.  Though he spends much of his time as a villain, Bang eventually undertakes his rehabilitation so he can become a hero.  Garou has stark silver hair that he wears styled up into two points.  He wears a tight black long-sleeved shirt, white trousers, and black shoes.  Replaced the sash on a pair of martial arts pants with a yellow one to complete the look.

Kaoru Sakurayashiki (Cherry Blossom) from Sk8 the Infinity

Kaoru (voiced in Japanese by Hikaru Midorikawa and in English by Daman Mills) is one of the main cast members of the anime Sk8 the Infinity.

He is one of the founding members of ‘S’, the skating community that most of the story takes place in during the series. His main specialties are AI programming that he uses to program his skateboard and skating routes, and calligraphy.

Kaoru has long light-bubblegum pink hair tied back in a ponytail for his ‘S’ look, and golden eyes. As Cherry, he wears a white, nearly sleeveless kimono (purple cuffs instead of sleeves), and black hakama pants, tied with a yellow belt. He has a few other accessories mostly in black, such as a mask and protective pieces. He skates while wearing white, grey, and purple boots, styled after traditional sandals.

Keiichirou Akasaka from Tokyo Mew Mew (2002)

Keiichiro (voiced in Japanese by Hikaru Midorikawa and in English by Andraw Rannells) is one of the non-Mew main characters in the anime/manga Tokyo Mew Mew (2002).

He is the head chef of the cafe that he and Ryou run, as well as his assistant on the Mew project. Keiichiro is the one that created Masha, and is also in charge of tracking Mew Aquas and the Alien trio.

He’s usually seen in more formal attire contrasting with Ryou’s more casual. Keiichiro has long brown hair, with long bangs framing his face, and the rest worn back with a red hair tie. His eyes are a dark greyish color. The usual outfit we see him in is a white button-up, a black bowtie with matching suspenders and belt, brownish-black slacks, and brown shoes.

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