Ji-Yeong from Squid Game

Ji-Yeong (Lee Yoo Mi) is a character in the Netflix South Korean survival drama, Squid Game. She is Player 240. The audience first sees her sitting on the stairs while the players assemble their teams for Tug-of-War. Kang Sae-Byeok approaches her and says to join her team. They become friends and later pair up for the game of marbles. Rather than play immediately, the girls wait to the end so they can live longer. Introducing herself, Ji-Yeong shares that she was recently released from prison for killing her abusive father. She purposely loses the marble toss so Sae-Byeok can move forward, as she has a better purpose to win. In a tearful goodbye, she thanks Sae-Byeok for playing with her before getting shot in the head.

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