Julie Benz

Rita Morgan from Dexter

Rita Morgan – originally Rita Bennett and played by Julie Benz – was one of the main women on Dexter. She started out as Dexter’s girlfriend and was more or less a cover to make him appear more normal. Over time, however, he became protective of her and her children. Despite Dexter’s nature he even goes so far as to marry Rita. This doesn’t end well for her due to the nature of Dexter’s enemies. But before her demise she was often seen as the beacon of compassion among the often chaotic characters on the show.

Cosplaying as Rita is very straightforward. Her mannerisms make up most of her character thanks to her soft spoken ways and generally calm outlook on things. Her clothing tends to be sundresses and sandals which isn’t surprising given that she lives in Miami. And she wears her hair long, blonde, and curly.

If you want to go for a more emotional take on the character you can cosplay as a pregnant Rita. And if you’re a fan of the more shocking cosplay, you can opt for some fake blood instead to give a nod toward her end on the show.

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