Kite from Hunter x Hunter

Kite (voiced in Japanese by Christopher Corey Smith and in English by Shuichi Ikeda) is one of the key characters in Gon’s story in the anime/manga Hunter x Hunter.

He studied under Gon’s father, Ging, when he was younger, and subsequently ended up teaching Gon what he knew about the world. Kite, along with his friends, traveled around documenting unknown species, which lead to the discovery of the Chimera Ants and their Queen, culminating in his battle with Neferpitou.

Kite has extremely long white hair that goes down to the backs of his knees, and small brownish-grey eyes. He wears a long sleeved white turtleneck and black slacks, with a light blue layered waistband, and tan slip on shoes. The look is finished off with an oversized mid-toned blue newsboy cap, and whatever form Crazy Slots takes (scythe, etc).

Chimera Ant Kite from Hunter x Hunter

This secondary version of Kite shows up later in the Hunter x Hunter series, and is voiced in Japanese by Uki Satake, and in English by Laura Stahl.

They are a reborn version of the hunter named Kite, and proceeded to continue going by that name, even in a new form. Due to how they were born in this form, they are technically the younger twin of the King of the Chimera Ants, Meruem.

Kite has very long wine red hair that hangs in their face, a large spread of freckles, and identical vibrant pinkish-purple eyes that match their older brother’s. The outfit that they wear is very simple, similar in style rather than color to what Kite wore as a human, and is just a plain black turtle neck, black pants, and brown nondescript shoes.

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