michelle williams

Lizzy from Showing Up

Lizzy is the protagonist in the film Showing Up, and is played by Michelle Williams. Lizzy is an introverted art student and a sculptor who is preparing for her exhibition as she struggles with finding balance with her creative work and everyday struggles, and the unexpected friend she finds in a pigeon she nurses back to health.

Lizzy’s costumes match her personality perfectly and are just like those of an art student. They feature very soft and muted colors, like her look with her canvas apron, blue shirt and khaki skirt. For her exhibition she dresses up more with a brown skirt and printed blouse. If you’re wearing this as a costume, taking a pigeon stuffed animal or prop and carrying it in a box could be a fun addition.

Alma Beers Del Mar from Brokeback Mountain

Alma Beers Del Mar (played by Michelle Williams) is the wife of Ennis in the film Brokeback Mountain.  Though initially very happy despite their financial struggles, Alma eventually discovers Ennis’ affair with Jack and subsequently divorces him and take custody of their two daughters before remarrying.  Alma often wears casual dresses layered with tights and a sweater.

Glinda from Oz the Great and Powerful

Who doesn’t love Glinda? Well, everyone except for those wicked witches, who have framed her for the murder of the King of Oz. With a little help from Oz and his visual trickery, she eventually wins back her kingdom. Glinda also knows how to make an entrance and opts to travel by bubble.

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