Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado (Hero Costume) from My Hero Academia

Nejire (voiced in Japanese by Kiyono Yasuno and in English by Lindsay Seidel) is a secondary main character in the anime/manga My Hero Academia.

She is a student at UA and part of the Big Three, along with Tamaki and Mirio. Her Quirk is ‘Wave Motion’ and allows her to use waves of energy to fight. Out of her and her friends, she’s the most energetic of them, often being a bit overwhelming to Tamaki.

Nejire has extremely long periwinkle hair and similarly colored eyes. When in her hero costume, her hair is styled up into small horn-like drill curls. The costume itself is a bodysuit in various shades of blue and teal, with teal gauntlet-objects on her wrists, and golden cuffed gloves.

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