Lulu from Living Dead Dolls

Lulu is from the fourth series of Living Dead Dolls, and the first roller skater out of the series, as well as the first without eyebrows, and with a tattoo.

She has very light pink high pigtails, reddish-gold eyes with black sclera ringed with red shading, a bruised looking red mouth, and pierced ears with small silver rings. Lulu wears an off-white shiny silky tank top with an attached tutu skirt, white knee high socks with red and gold banding with a bone sticking out of her leg, white and red rollerskates, a full arm cast, and a black ink tattoo on the opposite arm.

Mercury from Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls

Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls is a cartoon concept that was pitched to Hasbro by Lauren Faust. Although Hasbro passed on it, it eventually morphed into the highly successful My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. MWGG is inspired by the 90’s Strawberry Shortcake series, with a dash of the anime Sailor Moon, with the girls as the personification of different planets. Mercury’s winged sneaker-skates propel her through the cosmos in a shimmery silver flash at the speed of light.

Terry Bernadino from Reno 911

Terry Bernadino from Reno 911

In Reno 911, Terry Bernadino (Nick Swardson) is a gay roller-skating male prostitute who has frequent run-ins with Lt. Jim Dangle and the rest of the Sheriff’s Department. He’s been cited for standing on the street corner and sucking on a banana for 30 minutes without taking a bite.

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