Sandy Fox

Sailor Chibi Moon (Super Form) from Sailor Moon

Sailor Chibi Moon [Chibiusa] (voiced in Japanese by Kae Araki and in English by Tracy Hoyt, Stephanie Beard, and Sandy Fox) is one of the main characters in the anime/manga, Sailor Moon.

She is Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask’s daughter from the future, but does not get along with Usagi the majority of the time, and is a bit concerningly attached to Mamoru. Out of the rest of the scouts, the one she is closest with is Hotaru, her best friend.

Chibiusa has bubblegum pink hair that she wears up in two puffy pigtails, with two rabbit-ear like buns on top, and has red eyes. Depending on the variation of her outfit, the hairclips change in number. Her sailor outfit is a white base like the rest, and for her Super sailor form, it has a mixed color motif of red, pink, and yellow. She has a similar tiara to Sailor Moon, a heart choker, white elbow length gloves with pink cuffs, and pink boots with white tops and a moon decoration on the front middle (you may need to add the moon).

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