Webber from Don’t Starve Together

Webber is one of the playable characters of the survival horror game series, Don’t Starve.

He is a young boy that got merged with a spider during a lab experiment gone wrong, fled from his home, and now lives in the Constant with the other survivors.

Webber, due to being partially spider, has course fuzzy black hairs all over his body, spider legs sticking out of his head, an assortment of white eyes, and long yellowy fangs.

Ms. Tarantula from The Bad Guys

Ms. Tarantula (voiced by Awkwafina) is a hacker who teams up with Mr. Wolf and the rest of his crew in The Bad Guys.  Ms. Tarantula is a spider with orange and darker, purple-ish colors along her body.  To make your own Ms. Tarantula costume, start with an orange bodysuit and wig.  You can add purple temporary hair color to the tips of the wig to get closer to her coloring from the movie.  Lastly, you’ll need a pullover hoodie and a pair of headphones.  Finding an exact match for her sweatshirt is tough, so you can either go with a hoodie that has similar colors, or make your own by purchasing a plain black pullover and adding the arm stripes and square 8-bit details to the front yourself with fabric paint.  For your legs, don a spider backpack in similar colors to match the rest of your costume.


In an alternate Marvel universe called Earth-65, instead of Peter Parker getting bit by a radioactive spider to become Spider-Man, it is Gwen Stacy who gets bit and gains superpowers to become Spider-Woman. Fans affectionately refer to her as Spider-Gwen.


When Peter Parker gets bit by a radioactive spider on a school field trip (don’t you hate when that happens?), he develops super strength, the ability to cling to any surface, and a spidey sense. At that point, he has no choice but to build web shooters for his wrists and call himself Spider-Man.

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