susan sarandon

Louise Elizabeth Sawyer from Thelma and Louise

Louise Elizabeth Sawyer played by Susan Sarandon is an independent woman living in Arkansas. She works as a waitress and has an on again off again boyfriend named Jimmy. Her best friend is Thelma, a sweet but very naive young housewife in an abusive relationship. Louise wants to have a weekend getaway with Thelma not realizing entirely how bad Thelma’s home life has been. The two hit the road in Louise’s baby blue 1966 Ford Thunderbird and get into trouble by nightfall. This is definitely a warm-weather outfit but if you live in a colder climate a leather, suede, or jean jacket could be added. It is a casual look with light make up but definitely a costume that you need a partner to feel complete in. There is no Louise without Thelma and vice versa!

Janet Weiss from Rocky Horror Picture Show

“Toucha-toucha-touch me!” Janet Weiss, also known as Janet or “slut,” starts as a demure, feminine character. She is engaged to Brad Majors. During her time at Frank N Furter’s mansion, she develops feelings for Rocky, the creation. By the end of the film, she admits “her confidence has increased” as a newly promiscuous woman.

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