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Yoko Tanaka

Yoko Tanaka (Naomi J Ogawa) is a minor character in Netflix’s Wednesday. She is a vampire student at Nevermore Academy, and secretly a member of the Nightshade Society. Yoko and Enid are close friends – the two temporarily become roommates after Enid’s fight with Wednesday. Because of show’s success, you can now purchase your very own uniform!

Tyler Galpin from Wednesday

Tyler Galpin is a character in Netflix’s Wednesday. He is a boy-next-door type “normie.” His father is the sheriff, though their relationship is tense due to his mother’s death. We first meet Tyler at the Weathervane Cafe where he works as a barista. Wednesday helps him fix the espresso machine in exchange for help escaping Nevermore. When she decides to stay and investigate the murders in Jericho, Tyler tries to woo Wednesday by accompanying her to the Rave’N and planning a date night in Crackstone’s crypt.


Ajax in Wednesday

Ajax Petropolus (Georgie Farmer) is a minor character in Netflix’s Wednesday. He is a Gorgon (like Medusa) and attends Nevermore Academy as a student. Shy and awkward, Ajax is anxious to make eye contact with anybody. Enid has a huge crush on him, but he is oblivious to her flirting. Sometimes he hangs out with Xavier or just lingers in the background. Use the fabric paint to make the stripes on the blazer.

Xavier Thorpe from Wednesday

Xavier Thorpe is a character in Netflix’s Wednesday. He attends Nevermore Academy as a student. His abilities include precognition, namely in his dreams, as well as art manipulation, where he can make his artwork real. Reserved yet charming, he starts liking Wednesday, much to the discontent of his ex-girlfriend, Bianca.

Bianca Barclay from Wednesday

Bianca Barclay (Joy Sunday) is a character in Netflix’s Wednesday. She is a Siren who attends Nevermore in the same class as Wednesday. At first, the two do not like each other, which sparks a small rivalry. Bianca thinks Wednesday thinks that she’s better than everyone else. It doesn’t help that Xavier, her ex-boyfriend, has a crush on her. But in the end, Bianca helps Wednesday defeat Crackstone for the safety of the school. Aside from her school uniform, her style is laidback in silver, teal, and blue tones. This guide also includes her Rave’N outfit, with a paillette dress and pearl earrings.

Enid Sinclair (Nevermore Uniform) from Wednesday

Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers) is a character in Netflix’s Wednesday. She is a werewolf student who attends Nevermore Academy. She is also roommates with Wednesday Addams. Born in California, Enid is bright, sunny, and cheerful — the exact opposite of the titular character. Although she is unafraid to stand up for those she cares about. Throughout the series, she befriends and supports Wednesday, helping her investigate the murders. Following the instructions on the bottle, use the indigo Rit dye on the blazer. Then affix the embroidered patch.


Wednesday Addams (Rave’N Dance Dress)

Initially, Wednesday didn’t plan to attend the Rave’N, Nevermore’s version of the school dance. However, when Xavier caught her snooping around his art studio, she had to make an excuse. Both Enid and Thing agree that she needs a new outfit! This vintage dress is perfect for a choreographed dance to The Cramps. While this dress is one of a kind, you can embrace the style with ruffles and tulle — all black, of course.

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Wednesday Addams from Wednesday

Everyone is watching Netflix’s Wednesday, a supernatural coming-of-age comedy featuring the iconic daughter of the Addams family. Portrayed by Jenna Ortega, Wednesday is sixteen with a sharp mind and sarcastic remarks. When she gets expelled from school, Gomez and Morticia send her to Nevermore Academy, where they met and fell in love. Wednesday finds herself investigating a murder spree alongside new friends — and foes. Whether you cosplay her collared dress or school uniform, black is a must. And don’t smile, unless Uncle Fester decides to surprise you with a visit.

Barrel from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Barrel, voiced by Danny Elfman, is part of the trio of antagonistic Trick or Treaters in the 1993 movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, along with Lock and Shock.

He is presumably the youngest out of the group, and has pale blueish tinted skin, wide eyes with black and purple-red smearing around them surrounding black pupils, turquoise lips, and slicked back wavy green hair.

Barrel wears a costume similar in build to Lock’s, with it essentially being pajamas, but his are greyish or purple (depending on the version) with white stand-out bone detailing on both the shirt and pants. In line with the other two, he also has a trick or treating mask, with his being a white skeleton face that mimics his own.

Shock from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Shock, voiced by Catherine O’Hara, is part of the trio of antagonistic Trick or Treaters in the 1993 movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, along with Lock and Barrel.

She has pale green tinted skin, black eyes, stringy and curly deep turquoise hair with the same color around her eyes, and lighter turquoise on her lips.

Shock has a typical sort of witch costume, with a dusty purple hat with a ribbon, a dress of about the same color depending on the version (Kingdom Hearts has a lighter pinkish dress instead) with a darker purple trim around the collar, hem, and sleeves, and wears a green witch mask to go with her costume.

She has what appears to be grey gloves on, and what looks like black thigh high boots (you can probably go with just regular witch boots instead, with the tights listed above, and have the same effect).