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Pomni (voiced by Lizzie Freeman) is the protagonist of the YouTube mini series The Amazing Digital Circus by GLITCH. After putting on a VR headset, a person gets transported to a circus themed video game, with the AI ringleader, Caine, as its host. Their avatar is a court jester who becomes known as Pomni – as the player is unable to remember their real name. Pomni meets five other players who experience similar amnesia. Together they struggle to retain their sanity in this surreal dystopia. Will Pomni ever find a way out, or is she truly trapped in the digital circus forever?

Rosie from Hazbin Hotel

Rosie (voiced by Leslie Rodriguez Kritzer) is an elegant and friendly demon in the web series Hazbin Hotel.  She has a flair for vintage fashion and music, and is friends with Alastor.  Rosie has pale grey skin and white hair, black eyes and sharpened teeth.  She wears an oversized hat in shades of maroon and black.  Her attire is Victorian-inspired in the same colors.  To build your costume, start by choosing a vintage-styled skirt in burgundy or red and black.  You’ll also need a high-collar blouse in matching colors.  Add a bolero to emulate the style of her costuming from the series.  Finish your costume with a white wig and white gloves, as well as a fabulous derby hat.

serial deisngation v from murder drones

Serial Designation V from Murder Drones

Serial Designation V (voiced by Nola Klop) is a Disassembly Drone in the web series Murder Drones.  V is a member of Serial Designation J‘s squad alongside Serial Designation N before the latter joins forces with Uzi instead.  V is a drone with a primarily black and white body.  To recreate her look, layer a white bell sleeve blouse under a black bodysuit and then wear a black crop top and a pair of white shorts over top.  You can add caution tape details to the hem of your sleeves and your shorts.  Then, add a pair of white gloves, a white mask and LED sunglasses, and a silver bob wig.  A pair fo black and white striped shoes will complete your look.

pump from spooky month

Pump Wonder from Spooky Month

Pump Wonder (voiced by Sr Pelo) is one of the two protagonists of the YouTube series Spooky Month.  Alongside his friend Skid, Pump enjoys celebrating spooky season, and the pair find themselves constantly mixed up with monsters, murderers, and other scary fiends.  Pump wears a full-head pumpkin mask.  His clothing is black and white, evoking the look of a simplified tuxedo.  To recreate his look, layer a plain white tee under a black suit, and then add a pair of white gloves and black shoes.

skid from spooky month

Skid from Spooky Month

Skid (voiced by Sr Pelo) is one of the two main protagonists of the YouTube series Spooky Month.  Skid is best friends with Pump, and both enjoy all things scary as much as possible.  While they celebrate spooky season, they also find themselves often embroiled with serial killers, eldritch horrors, and plenty of other terrifying things.  Skid’s costume is skeleton-inspired.  For your costume, you’ll want a cartoonish skeleton onesie, white shoes, and white gloves.  For his mask, choose a similar round mask and embellish it with a jumbo permanent mark.

uzi doorman from murder drones

Uzi from Murder Drones

Uzi Doorman (voiced by Elsie Lovelock) is the protagonist and anti-heroine of the web series Murder Drones.  Uzi is a Worker Drone who befriends Serial Designation N.  They work together to stop Serial Designation J from eradicating the Worker Drones.  Uzi has purple hair and wears a black striped beanie, purple striped socks, and black boots.  Her primary clothing consists of a black hoodie with a battery and crossbones on it. You can recreate your own with a long hoodie and some fabric paint, or purchase a replica sweatshirt to pair with your robot bodysuit.

serial designation n from murder drones

Serial Designation N from Murder Drones

Serial Designation N (voiced by Michael Kovach) is a kindly Disassembly Drone who befriends Uzi Doorman in the web series Murder Drones.  The two then work together to stop Serial Designation J from eradicating the Worker Drones.  N, as he is commonly known, wants nothing more than to be useful, and empathizes with Uzi and her fellow Worker Drones where other Disassembly Drones do not.  N wears a long coat over his white drone body.  His eyes and lights that halo his silver hair glow yellow.  You can recreate this by adding glow-in-the-dark stickers to a black chauffeur’s cap and wearing light-up glasses.  N also has a long black tail that ends in a syringe.  Use hazard tape to add some details to your costume.

serial designation j from murder drones

Serial Designation J from Murder Drones

Serial Designation J (voiced by Shara Kirby) is an antagonist at the beginning of the Murder Drones animated web series.  J, as she is most often called, is a Disassembly Drone intent upon decommissioning as many Worker Drones as she can, which makes her an enemy of N, a much kinder Disassembly Drone, and Uzi, a Worker Drone and the protagonist of the series.  J’s look is in line with all the other Disassembly Drones.  She has a white body and hair worn in pigtails with a black dress overtop.  You can add details to the boots and bodysuit with some hazard tape.  J’s eyes and headband light up, which you can recreate with a pair of LED sunglasses and a black headband outfitted with some yellow strip lighting.  Simply cut the strip lights down to get them as close to her original design as possible.

benatar from your favorite martian

Benatar from Your Favorite Martian

Benatar (voiced by Ray William Johnson with Jesse Cale providing his singing voice) is a supporting character in the web series Your Favorite Martian.  A member of the titular band, Benatar suffers some rougher treatment from bandmates Puff Puff and Axel, but it doesn’t seem to bother him much.  To recreate Benatar’s look, you’ll need black pants and a blue suit jacket with a red tie.  He also has blonde hair that sweeps over his eyes, so you might need to take a little time to style your hair or a wig.  Lastly, if you don’t already have a keytar, they can be quite expensive, so don’t shy away from a toy or inflatable version instead of the real thing to complete the look.

puff puff humbert from yfm

Puff Puff Humbert from Your Favorite Martian

Puff Puff Humbert (voiced by Ray William Johnson) is the lead singer of the fictitious cartoon band at the heart of Your Favorite Martian.  Puff Puff’s design has undergone some changes over the years, particularly during a rebranding period for the show when it was revived in 2022.  His latest iteration includes spiky, asymmetrical hair, and black-framed glasses in an octagonal shape.  Top off your simple costume with a microphone and your favorite YFM tunes to really sell the experience.

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