Uzi from Murder Drones

Uzi from Murder Drones

Uzi Doorman (voiced by Elsie Lovelock) is the protagonist and anti-heroine of the web series Murder Drones.  Uzi is a Worker Drone who befriends Serial Designation N.  They work together to stop Serial Designation J from eradicating the Worker Drones.  Uzi has purple hair and wears a black striped beanie, purple striped socks, and black boots.  Her primary clothing consists of a black hoodie with a battery and crossbones on it. You can recreate your own with a long hoodie and some fabric paint, or purchase a replica sweatshirt to pair with your robot bodysuit.

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  1. I love murder drones

  2. there’s an official hoodie now incase you want to support the creators!

  3. Of course we do! We updated to link with the official merch, thanks.

  4. Whos yalls favorite character/Characters? Mine are N and Uzi.

  5. Whos yalls favorite character/Characters? Mine are N and Uzi.

  6. ♡Vinclux♡ (N's version) April 6, 2024 Reply

    Dónde está el titán espikerman🥺🤑 lo han desinfectado

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