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Norman Osborn from Spider Man (No Way Home)

Norman Osborn, otherwise known as the Green Goblin is a character from the film Spider-Man: No Way Home, and is played by Willem Dafoe. This film follows Spider-Man as his identity is now revealed and he discovers what it really means to be Spider-Man after a spell goes wrong and new worlds start to appear.

Norman Osborn wears a green plaid coat, a purple hoodie, blue jeans, and boots. To recreate this, take a green plaid jacket in a larger size to give the oversized look, a purple hoodie underneath that you can distress for more authenticity with sandpaper sponges, and a black t-shirt underneath to cover where the holes are. Pair this with a muted blue jean that you can also distress, along with a pair of laced boots.

Klaus Daimler from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Klaus Daimler (played by Willem Dafoe) is the German first mate of the Belafonte research vessel in Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.  Klaus views Steve Zissou as a father figure, and becomes jealous of Ned Plimpton as the latter’s relationship with Steve grows.  Klaus always wears shorts, no matter the occasion, so this is a great costume option for someone who really wants to show off their legs.

bobby hicks from the florida project

Bobby Hicks from The Florida Project

Bobby Hicks (played by Willem Dafoe, who received an Academy Award nomination for the role) is the manager of the Magic Castle, a gaudy motel in Kissimmee, FL in Sean Baker’s film The Florida Project.  Bobby is not supposed to allow long-term rentals, but offers a place for a handful of people to stay who would otherwise be completely homeless by bending the rules.  He has a soft spot for many of the children who live in the motel, including Moonee.  Bobby’s costume is an easy one to recreate because he dresses simply, opting for durable denim jeans, sensible footwear, and a variety of plain t-shirts throughout most of the movie.

Gerhard Hardman

In the 2017 adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express, Gerhard Hardman (Willem Dafoe) is a stern German professor who is suspicious of his fellow passengers aboard the Orient Express.

Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)

Norman Osborn, otherwise known as the villain, Green Goblin, is the main antagonist in the Spider Man series. Portrayed by Willem Dafoe in the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, Norman Osborn is a capable businessman with a murderous alter ego that manifests itself in the Green Goblin. Since, no commercial costume exists for the film’s rubber suit, save for the mask, you’ll need to get creative with some generic costume armor and metallic green spray paint.

J.G. Jopling

In Grand Budapest Hotel, J.G. Jopling (Willem Dafoe) is a cold-blooded assassin — I mean, private inquiry agent — who handles the dirty work for Dmitri Desgoffe-und-Taxis. To really fit the part, crop your hair short and crop your pants even shorter.

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