Yuri Plisetsky

Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri on Ice

Yuri (voiced in Japanese by Kōki Uchiyama and English by Micah Solusod) is one of the secondary main characters in the anime Yuri on Ice.

He shares the same first name as the main character, Yuri Katsuki, and is occasionally nicknamed Yurio, much to his displeasure. He is one of the younger competing skaters, and is highly combative in terms of winning.

Yuri has chin length light blonde hair that he usually wears mostly covering his face, and has tealy-green eyes. For this outfit, he wears a black shirt, black skinny jeans, black and red patterned shoes (you may need to paint the shoes), and a multicolored jacket with Russia written on the front, denoting his nationality.

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