Saya Otonashi

In the anime series Blood+, Saya Otonashi is one of two twin queens of the vampire-like Chiropteran race. She, unlike her sister Diva, was raised to be human and exhibits compassion, empathy and kindness. After accidentally releasing the bloodthirsty Diva into the world and loosing her own memories, Saya lives as a regular human for a year before an event triggers her natural Chiropteran abilities. As she slowly regains her memories, she vows to end the threat of Diva and the entire Chiropteran race once and for all. This guide covers her earlier schoolgirl outfit, complete with katana and red eyes.


In Blood+, Diva, named by her older sister for her beautiful voice, is one of two Queens of the Chiropteran vampire race. While her sister Saya was brought up in luxury, Diva lived locked in a tower alone with rags for clothing. She developed a cruel, vicious personality and a deep thirst for blood. When Saya accidentally released her from the tower, Diva showed zero compassion for humans, delighting in drinking their blood. She and her sister then begin an epic feud that lasts hundreds of years. Diva is differentiated from her twin sister by her blue eyes, long hair and simple white gowns. For the blue trimming, sew some thin blue ribbon onto the white dress.

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