Siren from Living Dead Dolls

Siren is from the fifth series of Living Dead Dolls, and is named for the mythological creature of the same name. She is one of the first mute storied dolls, the other being Frozen Charlotte, and she was the first doll in the line to have a stitched mouth.

She has long bright pale blonde hair worn back off of her forehead, black sclera eyes with bright yellow centers, purple eyeshadow rimming her eyes, and a stitched shut mouth. Her outfit is similar in style and color to the traditional Maleficent outfit, being elaborate black and purple, with a matching overcoat. Her nailpolish is in the same purple shade.

Dahlia from Living Dead Dolls

Dahlia is from the fifth series of Living Dead Dolls, and is the third doll in the main series of dolls that is based off of a real person, that being the Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short.

She has messy curly black hair, extremely vibrant and red rimmed blue eyes, red lipstick, and her mouth has staples along the edges leading up her cheeks. Her outfit consists of a light golden ruffled top, a tasseled skirt in a slightly lighter color, golden leg garters, a sparkly pink night robe, pink chunky strappy shoes, and a loose pearl necklace. Her nail polish is a deep red color and her midsection has stapled together scars running across the entire circumference of it.

Ms. Eerie from Living Dead Dolls

Ms. Eerie is part of the fourth series of the Living Dead Dolls, and she is dressed in funeral wear, seemingly for her own, according to her death certificate.

She has long platinum hair, worn in a side part, red rimmed completely white eyes, and dark red lipstick, that her polish matches. For the full look, she wears a black hat with a spiderwebby funeral veil around it. Eerie has a high collar black dress with mesh sleeves, with a shiny purple waistband, and black platform sandals.

Lilith from Living Dead Dolls

Lilith is a part of the third series of Living Dead Dolls, and is the first of many categories of their dolls, including first open mouth, vampire, and painted veins.

She has long black hair with a widows peak, light blue skin, extremely vibrant green eyes, black lipstick, and bloody lips from her vampire fangs. She wears an outfit that looks like a mix between Morticia Addams and a typical horror movie nun. Her chest has been impaled by a stake.

School Time Sadie from Living Dead Dolls

This is a variation of the original Sadie doll from the first series run of Living Dead Dolls, with this one being a school outfit.

Her eyes are a vibrant white, she has a red x on her forehead, her hair is the same style of long black middle part as the original doll, and she has black lipstick. The school uniform consists of a white turtleneck with a black ribbon worn around the collar, a black school blazer, a heather grey pleated skirt, white cuffed socks, and black t-strap mary janes. She also comes with a mini hatchet, a black shiny backpack, and a black journal.

Lulu from Living Dead Dolls

Lulu is from the fourth series of Living Dead Dolls, and the first roller skater out of the series, as well as the first without eyebrows, and with a tattoo.

She has very light pink high pigtails, reddish-gold eyes with black sclera ringed with red shading, a bruised looking red mouth, and pierced ears with small silver rings. Lulu wears an off-white shiny silky tank top with an attached tutu skirt, white knee high socks with red and gold banding with a bone sticking out of her leg, white and red rollerskates, a full arm cast, and a black ink tattoo on the opposite arm.

Sadie from Living Dead Dolls

Sadie is part of the first run of Living Dead Dolls, as well as the main mascot of the doll franchise.

She has long black hair worn in a middle part, heavily exaggerated eyebrows, dark lipstick, and white and black heterochromic eyes. Her dress is similarly styled to Wednesday Addams, and she wears rolled cuff white socks with black t-strap Mary Jane shoes. She comes with a coffin shaped purse, a knife, and a bouquet of black roses.

Inferno from Living Dead Dolls

Inferno is part of the fourth series of Living Dead Dolls, is the first doll in any series to have wings, and shares a death date with Aleister Crowley.

She has wavy, mid-parted, long ginger hair, with little black devil horns peaking out of it. Her eyes are a bright fiery red and yellow, and she has black lips. Her outfit consists mainly of a black robe with a tattered base, under which you can see hidden flames, her nails are painted red, and she has long red cotton socks, worn under black t-strap Mary Jane shoes. The look is finished off with large red devil wings.

Lottie from Living Dead Dolls

Lottie is part of the third series of Living Dead Dolls, and shares a death date with Sylvia Plath.

She has short black bobbed hair with bangs, black eyes surrounded by a mottled purple, and black lipstick. Her outfit consists of a shiny silvery-white raincoat that resembles a class pierrot outfit, black t-strap Mary Jane shoes, white cuffed socks, and she carries around a black lace parasol with silvery details.

Kitty from Living Dead Dolls

Kitty is from the second series of Living Dead Dolls, and is also semi-school themed like the Sadie in this set. Her inspiration is from the movie ‘Satan’s Cheerleaders’.

She has bright red eyes, black lipstick, and black hair worn in side pigtails tied in red ribbons. The cheerleader outfit consists of a red polo shirt with a black sweater over top, and a matching red and black split color pleated skirt. The look is finished off by white cuffed socks, black and red glossy shoes, and black and red pom poms.

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