Claudia from The Dragon Prince

Claudia (Racquel Belmonte) is an eccentric dark magic sorceress in training, known for her off-beat sense of humor and general take on things. It is she who gives Callum the mysterious orb known as the Primal Stone, which comes to use during his quest to bring peace between the kingdoms of Xadia and Katolis.

In the first season of The Dragon Prince, Claudia wears a full black gown underneath what’s later revealed to be a black and gold tunic. Once she begins adventuring on her own, she loses the hem length and opts for the tunic and breeches she continues to wear for most of the second and third seasons.

Callum from The Dragon Prince

Thoughtful and earnest, Callum (Jack De Sena) is the older half-brother of Katolis’s crowned prince Ezran. Despite implicitly troublesome early years, Callum lives a comfortable life in the castle of his step-father, the king, and hones his skills as an artist (or lack thereof) and a swordsman. For centuries, Katolis has warred with the neighboring kingdom of Xadia, which is ruled by dragons. When Callum and Ezran accidentally discover the unhatched egg of Xadia’s Dragon Prince, they embark together on a peacekeeping mission to return the baby dragon to its mother.