Yukine from Noragami

Yukine from Noragami

Yukine is Yato's current Regalia / Shinki, a revived spirit that transforms into a weapon at their master's command. Under mysterious, presumably tragic circumstances, Yukine died at a young age and wandered as a soul until Yato -- desperate for a new Regalia -- "acquired" him. The thing is, Yukine will never age, so to Yato's chagrin, he'll forever have the maturity level of a middle schooler. (It's a bit of a pot-meets-kettle situation with these two.)

Yukine's outfits tend to consist of castoff garments (and the occasional pilfered item), such as the imitation military puffer jacket pictured below. The most affordable ones are available only on the used market, not unlike Yukine's own. What makes it special is that there's orange lining, but any army green jacket with a furry hoodie should do in a pinch.

Yukine from Noragami Costume 12345

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