In the role-playing game EarthBound (released in Japan as Mother), Ness is a young boy who possesses powerful psychic abilities. He uses whatever he has on hand to fight enemies, including his baseball bat and yo-yo.

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  1. DO NOT get the hat that they have listed. It’s a snapback, not a regular hat. It makes no sense for this cosplay.

  2. Are there any cheaper alternativez to the backpack and the shirts are sold out any other ways ti get it?

  3. i found a long sleeved striped shirt at american eagle outfitters thats one (you just need to roll those sleeves up.)

  4. NESS WHAT!?!?!

  5. I’m really dissapointed. I brought the Fangamer Ness hat, and I saw that for $5 altogether. Snapback Cap or not, I would much rather have that one. The Fangamer one is extremely expensive compared to that cap, it may not be the one Ness actually wears, but it looks much better.

  6. I used the site discountmugs to create a custom hat for Ness. I just ordered the hat in red (with shipping and all it totaled to $7.77) and if you want 100% accuracy just sew on a piece of blue felt to the brim.

  7. Any cheap backpack that look like that?

  8. Kmart and Sears have a similar shirt in the boys department for $6. It’s a grayish blue stripe but pretty close and priced right.

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