Emily Swallow

Kim Fischer from The Mentalist

Kim Fischer, played by Emily Swallow, is an FBI Senior Special Agent. She is the daughter of lawyers, which is a huge part of where her ambitious nature comes from. Her colleagues view her passion and pride in getting the job done as reckless at times, but her extreme drive is what interested Supervisory Agent Dennis Abbott. He recruits Kim for an important mission. Kim is gaining more respect and more responsibility in The Mentalist.

The Darkness (Amara)

In season 10 of the TV show Supernatural, the boys unleash the Darkness: the origin of the universe and, if she has her way, the end of it. The Darkness manifests as a beautiful, sensual woman named Amara (Emily Swallow), who claims to be the sister of God. She intends to consume the universe, returning it to the original blissful state in which it began. She dresses in a revealing long black dress and sports the distinctive Mark of Cain on her shoulder.

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