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Missy Kix from Moshi Monsters

Missy Kix is a character from the online role-playing game Moshi Monsters.  A celebrity from Moshimo City, Missy Kix also claims to be a secret agent.  She has light pink skin and darker pink hair she wears in a ponytail with yellow highlights at the front of her side swept bangs.  To create your Missy Kix costume, you’ll need striped leggings and a striped long-sleeved shirt in blue, red, and black.  Layer a black skirt and purple t-shirt with a pirate cat design over those, and then wear a black short-sleeved shirt unbuttoned.  Accessorize your look with chunky pink socks, a bright pink wig, black fingerless gloves, and pale pink sunglasses.  Lastly, make sure to grab a pair of red and white sneakers.

Pico from Friday Night Funkin’

In Friday Night Funkin’, Pico is hired by Daddy Dearest to kill his ex Boyfriend after being humiliated by him in a sing-off. After locating his target, Pico changes his mind and decided instead to challenge him to a rap battle.

vinnie from sift heads

Vinnie from Sift Heads

Vinnie is the legendary assassin and bounty hunter at the heart of the Sift Heads game series.  Vinnie’s life of violence began early after his father was killed, and later, while still in diapers, Vinnie assassinated his first target when his cat destroyed a beloved stuffed animal.  In the game, Vinnie is designed as a shadow-like humanoid figure, often seen wearing silver sunglasses and smoking a cigarette.  Though you may have to give up some of your ability to eat and drink to achieve his look, a hooded zentai suit makes recreating this shadowy figure fairly simple.

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