Kara Edwards

Sakura Nanamine from Toilet Bound Hanako-kun

Sakura (voiced in Japanese by Anzai Chika and in English by Kara Edwards) is one of the members of the broadcasting team in the anime/manga series Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun.

She is a student of Kamome Academy, and works with Natsuhiko, Tsukasa, and occasionally Mitsuba, in the Broadcasting Club at the school. She is often seen and heard to be very emotionless, and does not come across as a strong presence, despite being an important character in the story. Her voice is the one that you hear reading out all the school rumors over the broadcasting radio, influencing their stories and changing them oftentimes for the worse.

Sakura has short, lime green hair worn in a bob, with long strands framing her face, small braids on the sides, and very short cut bangs, while her eyes are a similar greenish yellow gradient. She wears the usual school uniform like Nene, an off-white dress with blackish brown details and ribboning, with the addition of a bright red gem in the middle of her chest. She also wears striped stockings, and the traditional grade-specific school shoes.

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