Robin Atkin Downes

Luxord from Kingdom Hearts

Luxord (voiced in Japanese by Jōji Nakata and in English by Robin Atkin Downes) is one of the members of Organization XIII, the main antagonists in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Little is known about his past as of yet, as only a few of the Organization members have been given fleshed out backstories (though this may change with the new games). For the majority of the series, Luxord is the 10th (X) member of Organization XIII, with his title being the Gambler of Fate, as his powers are card-based.

He has very short spiked light blonde hair, with matching facial hair, and his eyes are a bright blue. He has a variety of piercings in his ears, including a silver Nobody symbol. For the rest of his look, it’s fairly standard with the regular Organization look, with the same black cloak, black leather gloves, black pants, and silver topped black boots. His weapon is a Nobody symbol branded deck of cards that can change sizes during battle.

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