Sailor Venus

Princess Venus from Sailor Moon

Like the others, Venus wears her hair pretty much in the same way as she does in her other forms, with the Venus symbol being the one major difference, as it appears on her forehead in gold.

She has a long bowed golden ribbon worn around her neck and a matching golden teardrop necklace. Her dress is a golden split toned sleeveless dress with ribboned straps, a high waisted top, and lighter toned multilayered ruffled pieces over a golden inner layer.

Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon

Sailor Venus [Minako] (voiced in Japanese by Rika Fukami and in English by Stephanie Morgenstern, Emilie Barlow, and Cherami Leigh) is one of the main characters in the anime/manga, Sailor Moon.

She originally started off as Sailor V, before joining the Sailor Scouts and becoming Sailor Venus. One of her primary fighting styles is to use a golden chain of heart shaped links, which she wears around her waist for easy access to it in the manga.

Minako has long blonde hair that she wears with a high red bow on the back of her head, and has bright blue eyes. She wears the traditional Sailor Scout uniform, with hers in a color scheme of white, orange, dark blue, and yellow. She finishes this with stud earrings, an orange choker, white elbow length gloves with orange cuffs, and orange heels with ankle straps.

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