Sosuke Yamazaki from Free! (Sports Outfit)

Sosuke (voiced in Japanese by Yoshimasa Hosoya and in English by Ian Sinclair) is one of the secondary main characters of the anime series Free!

He was part of the swim club at Samezuka academy, transferring in because of Rin, until his shoulder injury got so bad that he was unable to swim anymore. He has since graduated and recovered after surgery, and is now part of the Japanese National Swim Team.

Sosuke has short, spiky black hair, and teal-ish eyes. Like his teammates on the Samezuka swim team, he also has the same school sports jacket, which he wears with a black t-shirt underneath, and black pants. The shoes may not be the exact ones for that specific outfit, but they are close to a pair he wears, should you choose to use those ones.

Kou (Gou) Matsuoka from Free! (School Uniform)

Kou (voiced in Japanese by Akeno Watanabe and in English by Jamie Marchi) is one of the secondary characters in the anime series Free!

She is Rin Matsuoka’s younger sister, and despite the familial connection, she does not actually attend the same school as him, instead being part of the Iwatobi High School group. She prefers being referred to as Kou, rather than Gou.

Kou has reddish eyes and wine red hair, just like her brother, but hers is worn long and tied up in a high ponytail with a blue tie. She wears the girl’s Iwatobi uniform, consisting of a white button up shirt, a ribbon necktie, and a grey cardigan, all of which are topped by a black blazer, worn with the school’s patch on the chest. The rest of it is fairly standard school clothes, with a brown pleated skirt, dark indigo long socks, and blackish-brown loafers.

Aiichiro Nitori from Free! (Sports Outfit)

Aiichiro (voiced in Japanese by Kouki Miyata and in English by Josh Grelle) is a secondary character in the anime series Free!

He also attended Samezuka Academy and was one of the captains of the swim club during his schooling, before graduating and attending Shimogami University. While at Samezuka, he was Rin’s roommate, and considers him a close friend, cheering him on despite the other’s gruffness.

Aiichiro has short medium grey hair with choppy bangs, soft blue eyes, and a mole under his eye. Like the rest of the students in Samezuka’s swim club, he has the same jacket as the rest of them, as well as matching shorts. When we see his shoes briefly, they’re a grey-blue blended pair of sneakers.

Seijuro Mikoshiba from Free! (Sports Outfit)

Seijuro (voiced in Japanese by Kenjiro Tsuda and in English by Robert McCollum) is one of the secondary characters in the anime series Free!

He was the captain of the swimming club at Samezuka Academy, until passing the title on to Rin upon graduating. His younger brother, Momotaro, is currently a student at Samezuka, also on the team.

Seijuro has short, spiky, burnt orange colored hair and golden eyes. He wears an undershirt t-shirt that’s a similar color to his hair, the Samezuka Academy sports jacket, and a pair of black pants.

Momotaro Mikoshiba from Free! (Casual Outfit)

Momotaro (voiced in Japanese by Kenichi Suzumura and in English by Jerry Jewell) is one of the secondary characters in the anime series Free!

He is the younger brother of Seijuro (and Isuzu), the former captain of Samezuka Academy’s swim club, and at present in the series, he is the new captain.

Momo has short, fluffy, burnt orange hair, and bright golden eyes. We see him wear several outfits through the series, and this is one of his more casual ones. He has a yellow hoodie that he wears under a white, black lined jacket, with matching white pants. He finishes off the look with a pair of black sneakers.

Nagisa Hazuki from Free! (Swimming Outfit)

Nagisa (voiced in Japanese by Tsubasa Yonaga and in English by Greg Ayres) is one of the main characters in the anime Free!

At the start of the series, he is the breaststroke swimmer for the swimming club at Iwatobi High School. Currently he is attending Naribusawa University.

Nagisa has short, fluffy golden blonde hair, and pink eyes. His swimming outfit is the Iwatobi school jacket, and a pair of tight, mid-thigh black swim shorts, with pink line detailing.

Rin Matsuoka from Free! (Swimming Outfit)

Rin (voiced in Japanese by Mamoru Miyano and in English by Austin Tindle) is one of the main characters in the anime Free!

At the start of the series, he is a freestyle and butterfly swimmer in the Samezuka Academy swimming club, generally seen competing against the Iwatobi swim club, the majority of which are his old friends. At present, he is training professionally to become an Olympic swimmer.

Rin has wine red chin-length hair with matching eyes, and noticeably shark-like teeth. His swim uniform consists of his Samezuka Academy and tight, full leg black swim pants, with red line detailing.

Rei Ryugazaki from Free! (Swimming Outfit)

Rei (voiced in Japanese by Daisuke Hirakawa and in English by J. Michael Tatum) is one of the main characters in the anime Free!

At the start of the series, Rei is part of the track club at Iwatobi High School, but once Nagisa recruits him to the swim club, he becomes their butterfly swimmer. Once the position of captain at the swim club opens up, he takes the spot. After graduating, he started attending Shimogami University.

Rei has short, slightly spiky dark blue hair, and light purple eyes, which he wears red rectangle-frame glasses over. His usual swim uniform is the Iwatobi school jacket, and a black pair of tight swim pants, with vibrant blue line detailing.

Makoto Tachibana from Free! (Swimming Outfit)

Makoto (voiced in Japanese by Tatsuhisa Suzuki and in English by Johnny Yong Bosch) is one of the main characters in the anime Free!

At the start of the series, he is the captain and backstroke swimmer in the swim club at Iwatobi High School. He is currently majoring in sports medicine at Meijo Chuo University, hoping to become a professional sports trainer.

Makoto has green-toned short spiky brown hair, and light green eyes. His swimming outfit consists of the Iwatobi school jacket, and a pair of tight, black full-leg swim pants, with lime green line detailing.

Haruka Nanase from Free! (Swimming Outfit)

Haru (voiced in Japanese by Nobunaga Shimazaki and in English by Todd Haberkorn) is the main character of the anime Free!

He is a freestyle swimmer and during the majority of the original series, he was the vice-captain of the swim club at Iwatobi High School. He has since graduated and is attending Hidaka university, also joining the swim club there, in hopes of going on to professional competitions.

Haru has short black hair that hangs over his eyes, which are bright blue. He is usually seen wearing his Iwatobi school sports jacket, and his thigh length, tight black swim pants, with purple line detailing. Haru often (if not always) wears the swim pants underneath his every day clothes, as he’ll take every opportunity to rip off his outerwear and dive into the nearest body of water…even if it’s a fishtank.

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