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Kagome Higurashi from InuYasha

Kagome Higurashi voiced in the original Japanese anime by Satsuki Yukino and then later in the English dub by both Moneca Stori and Kira Tozer is the child of a family of shrine-keepers. She is a Third-year middle school student in Tokyo Japan. She lives a pretty regular life until finding out she is the reincarnation of a priestess named Kikyō who had died generations ago and now with Inu Yasha she must recover shards of the Shikon Jewel. This costume is relatively easy to manage. As the uniform is all one piece i would recommend ironing it under a low heat the day you plan on wearing it.

Trash from Return of the Living Dead

Trash (Linnea Quigley) is a young nihilist punk with a bit of a masochistic tendency. Out of any of the punks in Return of The Living Dead she is the most iconic. Use the hydra liner to copy Trash’s eye and face makeup. Optionally you can use the sequin skull iron on the crotch of the high waisted pleather shorts. If you do chose to use the iron on use the absolute lowest setting on your iron with parchment paper between the transfer and the shorts. Complete the look with the wet cherry gloss and red coloring pomade for your hair. Trash is the perfect costume for Halloween or any fall cosplay/horror events.

Nancy Callahan from Sin City

Nancy Callahan played by Jessica Alba was abducted as an 11 year old girl and miraculously saved by John Hartigan. That night John was framed for the abduction of Nancy and for years she wrote him letters in jail. Years have passed and Nancy has grown up. She is now a Stripper at Kadie’s Club. This Nancy costume is a bit of a casual rendition. You can take parts and pieces from the lingerie set. Use the bra, cuffs, and use the garter as a belt over the leggings. The bullet belt can be wrapped lower on the hips. Nancy has basic makeup on with glossy lips.

Peter Whitman from The Darjeeling Limited

Peter Whitman, played by Adrien Brody, is the middle child of the three brothers in Darjeeling Limited. Peter likes to hoard their deceased father’s belongings claiming to be their father’s favorite son as opposed to Jack and Francis. He doesn’t want his brothers meddling in his life and isolates from both of them for over a year since their father’s funeral. He even hides that his wife is pregnant from them. Jack wears a light gray suit and brown accessories. The vintage sunglasses were his father’s.

Will Byers from Stranger Things

Will Byers played by Noah Schnapp has been to literal Hell and back already before even coming of age. After his return from the upside-down he realizes how much things have changed in Hawkins since he has been gone. The later seasons of Stranger Things show Will to have some disdain for how things have become and wishing to cling on to the childhood that was so unfairly taken from him. Will is a sensitive, creative kid and if you are a fan of Stranger Things you can definitely see that through his style. This costume is great because it is all about casual comfortable clothing with lots of layers. Perfect for a cold Halloween night.

Joe Exotic from Tiger King

Joe ‘Exotic’ Schreibvogel is a self-described “gay, gun-carrying redneck with a mullet”. The docuseries about his zoo aired on March 20th, 2020 and has since exploded with bizarre fandom. With 200 big cats at his zoo, drugs, animal abuse, jail time, and the accusation of a murder for hire plot Joe is the #1 star of his show.

Rei Hino from Sailor Moon

Rei Hino also known as Sailor Mars is voiced most frequently in the original Japanese anime by Michie Tomizawa, and in the English dub by Cristina Valenzuela. Rei is constantly having petty fights with Usagi. She is hot-headed but thoughtful in her choices. Not to mention she has great fashion taste! For make up I suggest doing a very basic winged liner. rub a bit of highlighter jelly together on your fingers and dab it across your cheekbones for a sparkly blush look.

Kikyō from InuYasha

Born in Japan during the Feudal Era, Kikyō was the priestess and shrine guardian of her village in the anime InuYasha. She sacrificed her life to keep the Shikon Jewel out of the mortal realm but it was later revived by her reincarnation Kagome Higurashi. Kikyō was voiced by Noriko Hidaka in the original Japanese Anime and by Canadian voice actress Willow Johnson in the English dub. This costume is very low maintenance and most of the work will be in styling the wig. Try looking up tutorials to create a great looking hair bow with the ribbon that will hold your hair in place all day.

Captain Sea Hawk from She-Ra and The Princesses of Power

Captain Seahawk voiced by Jordan Fisher is a quirky character in the She-Ra universe. He tends to over-exaggerate his heroic nature but never the less has a good heart and works alongside the princess alliance. He is infatuated with princess Mermista who eventually warms up to him as well. This costume is comfortable and casual. For a little extra flair mimicking seahawk’s mustache with a brow pencil could complete the look.

The Joker from Batman: Killing Joke

The Joker played by Mark Hamill in Batman: Killing Joke gives us a little more insight into Joker’s past. We learn of the atrocities that have taken place and what has caused Joker to become one of the most classic villains in the DC universe. Joker is a great costume for any gender and if you enjoy working with make up this will be a fun one!