Nico from Hooky

Nico is a supporting character in the webtoon series Hooky.  He is the boyfriend of Daniela.  Though he believes himself to be unmagical, Nico eventually discovers that he has the power of clairvoyance.  Nico has ginger hair and golden eyes.  As a child, he wears a tan tunic and brown pants, with a green headband tied around his head and an animal print sash.  Older Nico can be seen with longer hair, a black hat, black sweater, and dark green pants.

Jake English from Homestuck

Jake English is a character in the MS Paint Adventures webcomic Homestuck.  He is from Pacific Island, which is also Jade Harley‘s home.  Jake has black hair and glasses.  He wears a white t-shirt with a green skull design, a white button-down shirt left open, white shorts, and white shoes.  You can add a black belt to your costume to emulate the dark band of the shorts he wears.

dorian wytte from hooky

Dorian Wytte from Hooky

Dorian Wytte is the twin brother of Daniela Wytte in the webtoon series Hooky.  Dorian is studios and social awkward witch, who has better control over his magic than his sister.  He favors black and white clothes, which matches Daniela’s wardrobe.  When he’s younger, Dorian wears black shorts with high socks, boots, and a black blazer and suspenders with a white shirt.  As he grows older, his clothing choices mature.  You can create your costume with pinstripe pants, a dress shirt, and slim black tie.  Alternately, a silk bow and grey vest will also do the trick.

monica from hooty

Monica from Hooky

Monica is a main character in the web comic Hooky.  She is a princess who becomes close friends with Dorian and Daniela.  Monica is adventurous and confident, and enjoys reading.  She has long pink hair and freckles that become more prominent in the sun.  Monica favors the color yellow and can often be found wearing a yellow patterned dress over a white puff-sleeved blouse.  Accessorize your chosen outfit with a cute belt and brown boots, as well as a petticoat under your dress to make sure it puffs out in true princess fashion.

dani from hooky

Daniela Wytte from Hooky

Daniela Wytte, more often called Dani, is the female protagonist of the webtoon Hooky.  She studies magic alongside her twin brother Dorian.  Dani has black hair and often dresses in black and white, which matches her brother’s attire.  To recreate her look, you can wear a black t-shirt style dress with pinstriped leggings, and combat boots.  Accessorize with a white fake collar, black tie, and an oversized white hair bow.  You could also opt for black tights, black ankle boots, and a black long-sleeved dress with a white collar.  Either way, choose a black wig with bangs and trim to your desired length.

cosmo from cucumber quest

Cosmo from Cucumber Quest

Cosmo is a talented inventor from the Space Kingdom in the webcomic Cucumber Quest.  They help Cucumber and Almond occasionally throughout their quest.  Cosmo has black hair and grey skin with pink freckles, which you can recreate with body paint and an eyeliner pen.  They also have a pair of grey rabbit-like ears.  Their clothes consist of a light purple shirt and black leggings under dark blue star-and-planet-themed shortalls.  You can add the cosmic design with some fabric paint yourself.  Accessorize with pink gloves, blue polarized glasses, and some star pins; a black one at your throat and two silver ones on the straps of your overall shorts.

jinwoo sung from solo leveling

Jinwoo Sung from Solo Leveling

Jinwoo Sung is the protagonist of the web novel Solo Leveling.  Jinwoo is a hunter who must battle deadly monsters to protect mankind, and eventually climbs the ranks to become the greatest hunter humanity has ever known.  Jinwoo had black hair and favors dark colors.  When designing your outfit, you can’t go wrong with black skinny jeans, a loose white tee, and a black hooded cardigan.  A black sweater, grey cloak, and black shoes are also good options.  A blue light-up sword can make for a fun prop addition to your look.

aubrey from omori

Aubrey from Omori

Aubrey is a member of the friend group at the heart of the indie game OMORI.  Aubrey is cheerful but anxious, and has a falling out with Basil, Kel, Sunny, and Hero.  She eventually joins the delinquent gang known as the Hooligans, though she eventually reconciles with her friends.  In the real world, Aubrey has long pink hair she ties back with a teal scarf.  She wears a blue denim mini skirt, black crop top, and colorful shoes paired with a white and yellow jacket.  She also carries a bat with nails driven through it.  In Sunny’s dream world, Aubrey has long blue-purple hair with a bow hair clip and wears a light-colored nightgown.  She also carries a stuffed eggplant called Mr. Plantegg.

kel from omori

Kel from Omori

Kel is Hero‘s younger brother in the indie RPG OMORI.  Competitive by nature, Kel can sometimes seem a little bratty.  He and Aubrey often bicker over small things, but he cares about her and his other friends deeply.  In the real world, Kel has brown hair and is very into sports.  You can add the design found on the front of his orange jersey with some white fabric paint, then add a pair of basketball shorts and sneakers, both in orange and white, to complete the look.  Kel’s dreamy outfit in HEADSPACE is a little more difficult to replicate because the multicolored checkered tank top is unique.  If you can’t find an exact match, look for tank tops with a soft ombre or pastel colors instead.  Pair it with a purple wig, dark shorts, and a beach ball to finish your costume.

hero from omori

Hero from Omori

Hero is a childhood friend of Mari in the indie game OMORI.  Hero and Mari often take it upon themselves to take care of their group of friends, which includes Mari’s younger brother Sunny, Basil, Hero’s younger brother Kel, and Aubrey, because they are the eldest of the group.  Hero enjoys cooking, cleaning, and baking.  In the real world, Hero has brown hair and wears a blue sweater, light grey jeans, and blue sneakers.  In Sunny’s dream world, his hair is a deep purple-blue and he wears blue-striped pajamas.

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