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Liberty Belle and Zoya the Destroya in GLOW

…Best friends Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie) AKA Zoya the Destroya and Debbie Eagan (Betty Gilpin) AKA Liberty Belle are at the heart of Netflix’s GLOW series. Their relationship is strained when Ruth has an affair with Debbie’s husband, an event that leads to hostility in the ring. The characters of the show are based on original characters from the 80’s….

Beirut the Mad Bomber

…In GLOW, Beirut the Mad Bomber (Sunita Mani) is the wrestling alter ego of Arthie Premkumar, an Indo-American pre-med student who joins GLOW. She’s not a fan of her Middle Eastern terrorist persona, which is offensive on multiple levels, and does everything she can to cast it off….

Vicky the Viking

…In GLOW, Viking the Viking (Marianna Palka) is the pro wrestling persona of Reggie Walsh, an Olympic wrestling medalist. She’s originally given the star role of Liberty Belle, but loses it to Debbie due to her lack of personality….


…In GLOW, Brittanica (Kate Nash) is the wrestling persona for Rhonda Richardson. A British model who winds up living in a car in Santa Monica, Richardson adopts the character of an English genius who uses her brains as much as her brawn in the ring….

12 Group Costumes for Halloween 2018

…wheel? See all Ready Player One costume guides… GLOW The second season of GLOW improved on an already great premiere, transitioning guest characters to regulars of the cast, and introducing plenty of new personalities on top. Liberty Belle and Zoya the Detroya would make a top fight card, but the costumes for Beirut the Mad Bomber, Britannica, and Vicky the Viking are just as strong. See all GLOW costume guides… Westworld In its second season, We…

10 Awesome Couples Costumes for Halloween 2018

…ee all Disenchantment costumes… GLOW Of all of the wonderful characters in GLOW, the most obvious pairing goes to All-American Liberty Belle (see costume) and her Soviet nemesis Zoya the Destroya (see costume), who tussle in and out of the wrestling ring. But another great pick are roommates Beirut the Mad Bomber (see costume) and Yolanda “Junkchain” Rivas. See all GLOW costumes… Ready Player One The protagonists of Ready Player One make for more…

Rex Salazar from Generator Rex

…nd weapons from his body at will because of the nanites in his body. Rex is an Exponentially Variegated Organism (EVO), and has the power to heal other EVOs when they are injured. Rex’s outfit consists of a red and gold moto jacket, and black pants with blue geometric details that glow blue-white when he uses his powers. To replicate this effect, you could use glow in the dark fabric paint to create the designs, so they will stand out in the dark….


…the circle for highlight. Cut the top of the face mask for the wig. For the sweatband, cut ut a little ‘v’ in the front and use the glow in the dark paint to add accents….

Make Your Own: Eve

…piece of thick EVA foam 1 piece of thin EVA foam Neon green acrylic paint (glow-in-the-dark optional) White Elo-flex thread (2 spools recommended) Fabric scissors Disappearing ink pen 22” white invisible zipper 3 yards of ¼” elastic 1 yard Velcro E6000 glue Glossy finish sealer Hand needle Stay pins White acrylic paint Step One: Cut out all of your pattern pieces for Simplicity Pattern 8670 (View C) except for the sleeve pieces. Then cut out all o…

Interview with the Cast and Crew of Monster Force Zero

…, gloves, shoes, and on my corset to tie everything together. I also added glow in the dark earrings and leather buckle bracelets, which one had bullets to match with the belt. Heath (Gunns Lazer): When I was awarded the role of Jock/Nerd Douchebag/Dweeb bad boy Gunns Lazer; I thought to myself what mashup would bring this character into full effect?! Well, it came down to two blondes Flash Gordon and Duff Man. All I needed now was gold to locks (…